Learning Word Press

1)      CODE

2)      USABILITY:     a) quantitative (the number of visitors)

                                         b) qualitative (user testing to improve areas)

  • Have a clear Mental Model of what you’re interacting with.
  • Resassuring feedback: What and when
  • Navigability: Where to click and where next.
  • If it’s intuitive Interaction: minimise the burden of conscious thought
  • Behaviour. Movement. How? Not just how it looks.
  • Quality of interaction

Questions to bear in mind:

  • Is it intuitive and/or self-evident
  • Is all the most important info less that two clicks away?
  • Do users ‘get it’? Can anyone use it?
  • Where am I?
  • Where did they put?
  • What are the most important things?
  • Why did they call it that?
  • Do I need to persevere to find info?
  • Is navigation of site clear? A sense of place
  • Are there lots of instructions? Is it clear to use?


1)      Lead Generation

2)      Promotion

3)      Sales

4)      Articles

5)      Personal: This is the broadest category and includes blogs about personal topics like politics, music, family, travel, health, you name it.

6)      Business: Professionals ranging from realtors to lawyers and stock brokers are using WordPress to share their expertise, and companies have discovered the power of blogs to personally engage with their customers.

7)      Schools: WordPress is a great way for teachers and students to collaborate on classroom projects.

8)      Non-profits: Foundations, charities, and human rights groups find our blogs to be great tools to raise awareness and money for their causes.

9)      Politics: Members of parliament, political parties, government agencies, and activists using our blogs to connect with their constituencies.

10)  Military: Members of the military blog to report what they see happening in various parts of the world and to stay in touch with their families.

11)  Private: Some people make their blogs private to share photos and information within families, companies, or schools.

12)  Sports: We’ve got teams, athletes, and fans using blogs to express and share their passion for various sports.sa


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